itty bitty items to empower small chested girls


itty bitty label's mission is to uplift and empower girls who have struggled with self confidence due to having a small chest or a flat chest. 

When did you begin to refer to yourself as having "no boobs", when in fact, you have a cute little petit bust, or a beautifully small bust?

With the idealisation of the "perfect body', whether thats from what we have seen or heard, sometimes our experiences makes us feel less than "perfect" when we are all more than enough.

How we talk to ourselves within our minds makes all the difference and can change your life for the better. But I know, sometimes its easier said than done!

That's why Fashion and Accessorising with cute items that celebrate you and your small chest can be used as tools in which to help you with the journey to feeling empowered & confident.

We all deserve to feel good in our own skin. We all should feel that way, everyday, as we have one life, one body and it is sacred.

We all come in different shapes and sizes... we are all beautiful.

We hope that we can help you feel good because you are a rare gem.

We are all made from star dust waiting to sparkle.





Yours truly,


your itty bitty girl x