How to feel good in your own skin: Step by Step guide on reigniting the sparkle and finding your true essence


Have you been feeling low on energy, scrolling through social media thinking to yourself ... I wish I could be more like *blank* or why don't I have *blank*  in my life?

We have all been there. It's in our nature to compare ourselves to others. 

But knowing that your journey is yours, your timing is your timing and that there are no rights and wrongs when it comes to when you do things or what you should be doing by a certain point in life, can make all the difference.

The reason it might not have happened yet might be because

1. the timing hasn't aligned because we ourselves are not ready for that opportunity 


2. it might be because you haven't put yourself in the situation to get what you want. Or if you have, it hasn't been long enough since starting the journey.

Even if we can't control what goes on outside in the world one thing you can do, no matter where you are or what you are doing, is to re-wire your mind to reframe that feeling of envy into a driving force of passion.

Here are the step by step guide on how to feel good

 1. Meditate

Focusing on your breath and bringing your mind to a focal point such as under your nostrils can be helpful in settling the mind. We are all so connected with social media and the internet, take the time to detox from technology, unplug and just focus on your breath. This moment in time. How you feel. How the air feels on the skin and how the light shines through when you close your eyes.

Meditation and focusing on breath helps settle the mind into peace and quiet. We don't have to think all the time believe it or not. less thinking, more meditating equals more energy in doing!


2. Eat Right

You know what I mean. Eat what makes your body sing from nourishment. 

3. Drink lots of Water, Stay Hydrated

It can do wonders for the skin. It can do wonders for the mind. 


4. Journal your desires

Journal your desires and put down into writing what your heart is calling out for. If you are not sure, just put pen to paper and write whatever comes to mind. It doesn't have to be writing either, it could be a doodle. Transcribing what is in your mind into words or into a drawing is a healing process and feels freeing. There are no rules. Just your pen and paper. 

5. Break down the steps you need to take to manifest your desires (with dates)

For those that have specific desires and goals, which you wrote down in step 5, take the time now to break down the steps you need to take to achieve what you want and set a date for completing each step. Nothing is impossible. If others have done it so can you. You can also make possible what others have not done before. 

6. Visualize and feel that it has already happened.

Now that you have set out the plan you might feel not good enough to attain it... how to wipe away those doubts is to just feel that you have already done it. It has already happened, you have climbed the mountain, and you can see the view from the top.

Close your eyes, visualize that it has already happened, then write down in present tense that you have achieved *blank*.  You succeeded, you achieved it  and you feel great. You are so impressed with yourself ! Well done you. 


7. Let go of the ego. Let go of those desires for a moment. 

Next step is to let all feelings and ego go and watch it disappear across the horizon. That desperate and yearning feeling that you "HAVE" to attain something to be happy, let that go. And then sing Frozen "Let it go" while you are doing it. Just kidding but not really kidding.

8. Follow through with your plan

Step 8 is to follow through with the plan you set out in Step 5. Work on your goals everyday. Tick them off as you go. Make sure the dates are realistic. Stay focused on one task at a time, don't try and chew more than a bite at a time. Go through the motion of each step, get it done, one by one.  

9. Finally and most importantly...Dance, Sing, Draw do a Tiktok and be Silly.

Don't take life too seriously because in the end, love, family, friends, your health and your mental wellbeing are the most important things in life, not material possessions. Look around :) Notice the details of life :) There is so much beauty in  nature everywhere, in your eyes, in the reflection of water. The sun is shining, the trees are singing. Plan for the future but don't forget to live in this moment.